EUR-USD Daily Analysis

Afternoon 12h22 GMT/07h22 Wall-Steet

(24/07/2015), The Eurodollar was consolidating on this morning in a slightly downward trend. Investors will now wait for US statistics of new housing at 15:00 (GMT).

Our view of the afternoon, the MACD 30 mins is bearish but a return to 1.0980 / 70 could give us a bullish signal. The 4h is bullish. But a return on 1.0920 should give us a bearish signal.

Sellers took their earnings on this morning and they expect a return on 1.0980 / 90 before thinking of returning sell. Stoploss will be like yesterday over 1005. Indeed, as long as the price remains below this level, the trend should remain bearish. Above 1005 attention to a move around 1030 that could allow the parity to finish up the day.

Buyers who have positions, put positive stoploss or at 1.0920. They target 1.0980 / 90 in firts and then 1030. Under 1.0940, it would be better not to persist and wait for 1.0920 / 05.

Release: Today is the last analysis. Thank you to all those who followed day after day and for 3 years. good luck to you

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